Due to a recent escalation in people dumping dogs here we are offering you the chance to be HONEST and we will arrange re-homing of your dogs/s without Denuncias or Naming and Shaming.


By being honest you will pay a fee for us to

organise re-homing and not be Denounced.

See whos in for Adoption below


Your dogs normal daily rate is payable for 30 days unless your dog/s are here between 17th December and 8th January when normal Xmas rates apply. see Xmas rates


This is payable on entry with the re-homing fees.




You will provide the Passport, prepare and sign a letter confirming adoption can take place

and provide enough of your dog/s normal Food and Treats for 1 Month.


We will, using our network of re-homers investigate suitable people to re-home your

dog and give them a new lease of life free of guilt.


We have already Named and Shamed a few people and will not TOLERATE any one

who thinks they can just walk away, so here you can do the right thing and leave you're dog without

feeling guilty or waiting for knock on your door from our Debt Collectors, Guardia Civil, as well as a hord of people speading what you have done all over Facebook and other similar networking Sites.


Who is currently here to be adopted.


This is Ben he is 11 Years old and big cuddly boysie, He needs a new FOREVER home as his Hooman Mum is very ill and unable to care for him anymore, I have looked after Ben over 10 times in 3 years and Ive never had a problem with him.

It must be pointed out that he is a loner and not to be mixed with others especially smaller dogs.

His Jabs will all be updated in first week od December so his passport will be complete till December 2019.

He can travel to other countries too but hes used to the climate here now.

He currently gets 20 Mins brush every friday and so his coat is in great shape

Anyone interested should contact me ASAP 966190674 or 670469544


Ben3 2018   Ben2 2018   Ben1 2018








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