We are pleased to anounce that our grooming facility (whilst not totally finished) is ready to be used, we have established a working relationship with an experienced groomerwho has a Fabulous reputation from other UK Kennels and Vets and grooming centres, she has her ownand has builta very good reputation in and around the Dolores, Catral,and Quesada regions and is looking forward to expanding her business at our premises too.
We havenegotiated good ratesto encourage new clients to use our facilities and start building a good relationship with your dogs on a regular basis.
Special Styles and Pampering by negotiation
As this is a new venture for both of we need your support to help us make people aware of our new relationship, so please pass the word around and we in turn will promise a good efficent service along with a Professional Cut for your pets.
We will be adding more information as we work.
To book an appointment please call
Or go to my contact page via this link

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