2017 / 2018 Xmas Video at D4D

Well thanks to everyone once again for continued support here as well as a big welcome to all our new clients in 2017, We have made several new updates which improve the stay of all the fur babies we look after and hope they enjoy them as much as it will help us make their stay better too. As always this is just a bit of fun for the clients to see their dogs on Boxing Day whilst they are away. This is only made public now (8th Jan) that all Xmas dogs have gone home. So sit back and enjoy its only couple minuets but gives you a real good feel how happy our place is at Xmas.

Most of the Messages now appear on our Facebook page so log on   "Digs4Dogs Spain "  

So click this link to see all our Video from Boxing Days


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Cristina: Mao

Hola, hemos estado de viaje y Mao ha estado muy bien cuidado con Gary, gracias por todo.


Mou Aug 2017 2   Mou Aug 2017 1

Un perro que muy feliz y contento, le gusto correr la pelota de tenis mucho


Friday, 25 August 2017
Carolyn Flynn: Oscar & Lillie

My dogs have not been to a kennels before  so I was obviously a bit apprehensive when looking for a place.

After meeting Gary, introducing him to my dogs and visiting Digs 4 Dogs I left feeling reassured.

Oscar has a problem with barking & being very food orientated and Lillie is very nervous.

After their now 2 stays Gary has persevered with Oscar who is still barking but apparently not as much! Lillie who wouldn't go outside the kennel if Gary was there has finally plucked up the courage and done it!

I have no hesitation in recommending Digs 4 Dogs, Oscar and Lillie are booked in for a further 3 stays this year so there's the recommendation in itself.


Oscar and Lillie 2017   

Oscar n Lillie were a challenge but with lots patience and interaction we have got there they are due back again anyday now..xx




Friday, 25 August 2017
Claes Bjorkne: Tyson

Nice kennel where they take good care of your dog. The dog is not just left in the Cage, Gary make sure to socialize with the dogs so they more or less feel as home!

Tyson Aug 2017 1   Tyson Aug 2017 2

Lovely Boy Tyson great fun x


Thursday, 24 August 2017
Anita Nagy: Tapir

Second time to leave our dog there and she was so happy to go. After our vacation we picked up a happy, perfectly clear and satisfied dog :) thanks again for everything Gary! 

 Tapir Abril 2017 1   Tapir Abril 2017 3

My pleasure shes a good girlie......

Saturday, 29 April 2017
Charly: Simba and Kopper

Another stay at digs4dogs for our two dogs, both always happy to go there. Thank you again as always. CU soon

Tuesday, 25 April 2017
  1. My dog is far from easy to handle but seems to be no trouble @ digs for dogs, he always comes home happy as he seems to really enjoy his time there. I reccommend digs for dogs to all dog owners . You can rest easy knowing your dog is in very good hands

Harlem Abril 2017 1  Harlem Abril 2017 2

Love Harlem... hes good boy and always welcome....very chilled out boysie..


Saturday, 22 April 2017
Rita: Max. Y Cuco

Me ha encantado el sitio y el trato recibido hacia mis pequeños, en todo momento estuve informada y eso me dio tranquilidad de ver que estaban muy bien. Recomendable

Max y Cuco 1  Max y Cuco 2

Muchas gracias, dos perros encantadores.......


Tuesday, 18 April 2017
Rico: Simba and Kopper

Hi Gary,

Once again thank you for giving our two boys a well deserved holiday.

You can always tell when our boys are happy, and there always happy when they are there with you, helps us relax and enjoy our break too.

Thanks pal.

Simba y Kopper March 2017 1 640x360   Simba y Kopper March 2017 2 640x360

 Love these guys Kopper (smaller) just dances all day like a Meerkat bless him... 

Thursday, 30 March 2017
Katrina: Frank y Harry

I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you have given me over the past few months. Without you I couldn't have managed. My husband and I arrived in Spain for an extended break and within weeks he became very ill. We flew back to the UK for a consultant appointment which is when Gary first cared for Frank y Harry. On our return to Spain it was obvious that my husband was still unwell and we had to return to the UK at very short notice  Gary was a godsend. One quick phone call and all was sorted. We expected to be back within two weeks but it turned out to be over 6 weeks. During this time Gary kept me upto date with what my boys were doing. He took Harry to the vet for his boosters. He sourced food for Frank (he is on a special diet as he has IBD). He booked a vets appointment for when I came to collect them so I could return with them to the UK and he came with me for support.

I cannot praise this man enough. I highly recommend Digs 4 Dogs. My boys obviously love Gary and its clear to see how much he loves the dogs that are left in his care. It is like he treats them as his own.

Thank you again. If ever we make it back to Spain you will be on our visit list.



Frank n Harry March 2017 1  Frank n Harry March 2017 2  Frank n Harry March 2017 3

 Thank you, was so pleased I could help as much as I did and that it made your return to get Andy better easier... love the boys they were a pleasure to look after.. xx

Sunday, 19 March 2017
Maureen and Brian: Rusty

Thank you so much for looking after our Rusty for three weeks. As he had never been in kennels before, we were understandably concerned, especially as he has medical issues and is an old boy now, but we needn't have worried, you set our minds at rest with the regular Whatsap updates, so thanks again Gary. If anyone out there is in a quandary about whether to leave their dog at Digs4Dogs, don't think twice - it is by far the best kennels we've ever come across.

Rusty Feb 2017   Rusty Feb 2017 1

Rusty was great company and a pleasure to have here...always welcome..

Thursday, 02 February 2017
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