Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to bring for our dog's stay?
  • Pet Passport is really essential these days, however..
  • As long as they have an up to date medical card, showing the relevant vaccinations, this will be sufficient.
  • Anti flea/tick collar is essential, or front line treatment. (we can supply if you do not have)
  • Kennel cough tablet or vaccine. (Your vet can supply this a minimum 10 but prefer 15 days before your dog comes to stay or call us and we will arrange for you to see one of ours local to you at a convenient time)
  • If your dog has a bed at home we advise you bring this, along with any toys that are familiar to them.
  • Collar and lead.


How often will my dog be let out and exercised?

  • We aim to let our guest dogs out a minimum 4 times a day for as long as possible each time, however, this can be restricted if we have bad weather or as at Xmas extremely busy, but they will be let out as much as possible as we want them to be as happy as possible.

  • We have over 500m2 of free land for them to happily run around in, Im quite happy to kick a ball round or do what ever it takes to give them a good stretch when out. Unless they just like plodding about of course.


What about feeding times?

  • We aim to keep feeding your dog at its normal times as you do at home.

  • Generally there are two main feeding times which seem to cater for most dogs, 8.30 –9.30 mornings and / or 6.30 – 7.30 evenings.

  • Please let us know if your dogs requirements are different and we can make arrangements for this if required.


What about the type of Food?

  • We always ask you to bring their NORMAL dog food with you, this reduces liability to upset tummies and is one more constant factor which is familiar.
  • We prefer you to have dried food where possible.
  • We will discuss the quantity you give your dog when you come to us.
  • Its quite common for a dog not to eat to much on its first or second day whilst it adjusts but we monitor it closely to make sure the dogs are eating well.


Do the dogs mix together?

  • No, we always keep them separate, to avoid any little tiff's or scuffles which may occur.
  • The only exception is where we have smaller longer term dogs who get on with our own dogs, as in our recent case with Betty who stayed for 8 weeks this summer (see testimonials in Sept 08) where she spent all day on our terrace with our dogs and only night time or if we were out in her Kennel.
What if my dog won't settle?
  • Luckily this hasn't happened so far, most dog's respond well to kindness and affection, which all our guests receive anyway, this seems to do the trick and they settle relatively quickly.


What if my dog gets ill?

  • We have a choice of 3 main Vets where we are known, all 3 operate a 24 hour call out emergency service should we require it.
  • We will obviously contact you immediately if this happened.

  • Each Visit to the Vet is charged at 10€ (first hour regardless of how long) then 5€ per half hour, Fuel is extra, (Normally we use San Anton in Dolores so only 2€ extra for fuel).
  • We always get receipt from Vet if there are fees to pay her, so you can refund us.

If you do not find the answer to a question you have please contact us by email or phone you can find our details on the CONTACT PAGE.


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