2017 / 2018 Xmas Video at D4D

Well thanks to everyone once again for continued support here as well as a big welcome to all our new clients in 2017, We have made several new updates which improve the stay of all the fur babies we look after and hope they enjoy them as much as it will help us make their stay better too. As always this is just a bit of fun for the clients to see their dogs on Boxing Day whilst they are away. This is only made public now (8th Jan) that all Xmas dogs have gone home. So sit back and enjoy its only couple minuets but gives you a real good feel how happy our place is at Xmas.

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Caroline Caldecott: Bentley and Archie

From the minute we arrived for a visit to the kennels at Gary's invitation, our dogs were made to feel welcome and at home. Gary allowed the dogs to run around and have a good sniff in the secured areas away from the other dogs. Gary then showed all of us around and explained everything.

Assured from our visit, we booked the dogs in for a week long stay and we were not disappointed. Gary sent us updates and a photo while we were away, and we could tell on our return that the dogs had enjoyed their stay and had liked being with Gary. They certainly liked his trousers! Phew! A kennel we can trust.

Thank you Gary for looking after our pooches. We'll have no hesitation in bringing them back to pull at your trousers again when we need to!

Kind regards

Caroline Caldecott


Thank you so much fotos to follow



Friday, 13 April 2018
Colin Edwards: Rocky & Coke

Gary. Many thank you for looking after my two boys especially Coke who is a diabetic, and Rocky is arthritic. It was only after seeing the vet that I knew that dogs could be diabetic and having to administer insulin twice a day by syringe injection was a problem as Coke would run and hide when it was time for the injection. I was having problems administering the insulin as Coke was loosing weight very rapidly and trying to find a fleshy area was getting less and less to inject him. So the vet said why not try the “VETPEN”  which I found much easier to use mainly because it had a shorter needle.

 Having already booked my boys in with Gary I had to go and see him about administering the insulin with the VETPEN to say the least Gary was apprehensive but would read up on the information I had given him. He went to see his vet and got more information from him/her about the VETPEN. Well needless to say Gary coped very well and I was very pleased to see both my boys on return looking good. I might add that both my boys are twelve years old so seeing them on my return was a relief, on leaving them at the back of my mind was will I see my Coke again happily the answer was yes.

Gary you are the best for looking after other peoples pet dogs. Thank you so very much.

Very special regards


Rocky n coke March 2018 2   Rocky n coke March 2018 1

Ive got to say I was extremely nerous taking on this job but as I had looked after them before it was just a matter of learning how to do the Injections properly.... I watched a Video on line about VETPEN and had two revisions with the Vets cat SAN ANTON in Dolores who put my mind at rest for sure...... all 26 days and 52 Injections went to plan and Coke went home with his Brother Rocky in great condition. will be ble to do this again now for sure... here is little video after 22 days ..  https://youtu.be/_ySl1eaAuUA  (you need to copy n paste to see it.)






Saturday, 31 March 2018
Åse Hellesylt: Sidika, Sigge and Kamelia

Dearest Gary, we would like to thank you a lot for our pleasant stay. You made it comfortable and safe. We almost wanted to be, and to stay with you. Looking forward to next time. Love from Sigge, Kamelia and Sidika.

Kjære Gary. Vi takker deg for det fine, behagelige og trygge oppholdet vi hadde hos deg. Vi ville nesten ikke reise hjem, og gleder oss allerede til neste gang. Hjertlig hilsen I fra Sigge, Kamelia og Sidika

Sidka Sigge Kamelia 2018 3   Sidka Sigge Kamelia 2018 2   Sidka Sigge Kamelia 2018 1


Was a pleasure they were great fun xx

Monday, 19 February 2018
Martti Timonen: Essi

Hi Gary,

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also we want to thank you for the past year and Excellent care of Essi.

See you soon.

Best regards,

Martti, Ritva and Essi

D4D  ... Always a pleasure to have Essi and Happy Xmas and New years to you all too xx

Sunday, 24 December 2017
Lindsey: Isla

Isla our precious bundle of fur has just spent 1 weeks holiday here and it wasnt a decision that was taken lightly. After all, our dogs are our family. After 3 years of researching kennels here in Spain we decided on Digs4Dogs. Gary's professionalism is second to none.  From our very first email regarding availability, insisting on meeting Isla before her holiday so that she could have a wander round and get used to her accommodation, to the updates and photos received whilst we were away.

She is now home and just as happy as she was before her holiday.

We would recommend these kennels to absolutely anyone. Thank you Gary.

Lindsey and Gordon


Isla Aug 2017

Isla was good fun and very affectionate x



Sunday, 17 September 2017
Andrea: Mac and Jet

And once again Mac and Jet were really well cared for while we were away, definitely a place we trust to leave them. Thank you Gary


Mac Jet Aug 2017 1   Mac Jet Aug 2017 2

Chilled out Mac (gs) and scatty Mr Jet such good dogs x 

Saturday, 16 September 2017
Katharine.murray: Bonzo

Thank you Gary for looking after bonzo so well .3rd year now wouldn't go anywhere else .bonzo always happy and well looked after .it's so nice to know we can leave him in your care while we are away .many thanks as always. See you next year .xx Katharine and bonzo.. 


Bonzo Aug 2017 2   Bonzo Aug 2017 1


Such a chilled out Boy, always welcome at D4D a please to have ...x

Tuesday, 12 September 2017
Gunilla Och Kjell Nilsson: Bijou del Rabadan

"Ge dem kärlek så får du kärlek tillbaka", säger Gary. Detta i kombination med hans strukturerade och praktiska sätt att driva sin verksamhet, gör det till det bästa hundpensionat vi känner.

"Give them love and they love you back", Gary says. This, combined with his organized and practical way to run his establishment, makes his dog kennel the best we know. 

Bijou Aug 2017 2   Bijou Aug 2017 1

Bijou is so funny we have had her Ball everywhere possible in the garden non stop fun xx

Wednesday, 30 August 2017
Cristina: Mao

Hola, hemos estado de viaje y Mao ha estado muy bien cuidado con Gary, gracias por todo.


Mou Aug 2017 2   Mou Aug 2017 1

Un perro que muy feliz y contento, le gusto correr la pelota de tenis mucho


Friday, 25 August 2017
Carolyn Flynn: Oscar & Lillie

My dogs have not been to a kennels before  so I was obviously a bit apprehensive when looking for a place.

After meeting Gary, introducing him to my dogs and visiting Digs 4 Dogs I left feeling reassured.

Oscar has a problem with barking & being very food orientated and Lillie is very nervous.

After their now 2 stays Gary has persevered with Oscar who is still barking but apparently not as much! Lillie who wouldn't go outside the kennel if Gary was there has finally plucked up the courage and done it!

I have no hesitation in recommending Digs 4 Dogs, Oscar and Lillie are booked in for a further 3 stays this year so there's the recommendation in itself.


Oscar and Lillie 2017   

Oscar n Lillie were a challenge but with lots patience and interaction we have got there they are due back again anyday now..xx




Friday, 25 August 2017
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