2017 / 2018 Xmas Video at D4D

Well thanks to everyone once again for continued support here as well as a big welcome to all our new clients in 2017, We have made several new updates which improve the stay of all the fur babies we look after and hope they enjoy them as much as it will help us make their stay better too. As always this is just a bit of fun for the clients to see their dogs on Boxing Day whilst they are away. This is only made public now (8th Jan) that all Xmas dogs have gone home. So sit back and enjoy its only couple minuets but gives you a real good feel how happy our place is at Xmas.

Most of the Messages now appear on our Facebook page so log on   "Digs4Dogs Spain "  

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Karen Cave: Mitch

Just collected our baby from Gary and he was happy and well. The kennels are lovely and clean and spacious too. Its the first time we have left our baby so naturally we were apprehensive but its obvios Gary has taken good care of him in our absence and madfe another canine friend. We received pictures of our dog during his stay and Gary was very helpful with directions to the airport at Alicante. I would give this kennel a 10 out of ten for professionalism and service and would definitely reccommend Digs for Dogs to anyone.

Thanks again Gary 

Karen and Steve (Almoradi)

Mitch Feb 2016 1   Mitch Feb 2016

My pleasure he was great to look after..he liked helping me clear up....

Saturday, 04 February 2017
Andy and Katrina: Frank and Harry

Hi Gary

Just to say thank you for looking after Frank and Harry so well the past few days. When we collected them it was obvious they had had a lovely time.

We are always concerned when we leave Frank anywhere new as he has Irritable Bowel Disease and is on a very strict diet but he has returned home in fine form.

From Frank and Harry's first meeting with you it was obvious that you have a good rapport with them - they do say that dogs are good judges of character.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you.

See you soon

Andy and Katrina

Frank y Harry Jan 2016   Frank y Harry Jan 2016 1

Was a great please they both good boys and enjoying thier second stay here too

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Hi Gary

Just wanted to say "Thank You" for looking after Bella & Dinozzo over Xmas.

We just got them home and they told us how kind you had been to them and how well looked after they felt.

They liked saying hello to the other dogs in their kennels but were happy that you let them exercise just the two of them together.

They clearly like staying with you because Bella now has the iPad out and is looking at flights back to the UK for her mother and myself!.

Anyway, in all seriousness, thank you very much. We would recommend you to everyone in the area.

Best Regards  ,   

Sam & Suzanna Bella y Dinozzo Xmas 2016   Bella y Dinozzo Xmas 2016 1   Bella y Dinozzo Xmas 2016 2

Considering how short a time Dinozzo been with you they had a great time very happy and were enjoyable to care for..



Friday, 30 December 2016
Martin and Annita: Kat and Lucky

Hi Gary, as always, a massive thank you for looking after kat and lucky over Christmas.

Both came home happy dogs, just seeing how they are with you speaks volumes, we know how well looked after with you they are.

See you again sometime this year.

Martin and Annita

Kat n Lucky Xmas 2016   Kat n Lucky Xmas 2016 1

Always a pleasure to have them they both great fun but Lucky is just the best....xx

Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Margaret: Harvey & Toby

Hi Gary

Just to thank you for looking after Harvey and Toby at the last minute as the kennels where they were booked became flooded. They had a lovely area of their own and a big area to run around in. Harvey is on a special diet and must not share food with Toby and you managed this situation very well. Thank you.

Margaret Gooch

Toby n Harvey Xmas 2016   Toby n Harvey Xmas 2016 1  we all packed up ready to go home.... 

Yes it worked out very well as they were in Penthouse and made it easier to get them fed apart to protect Harveys Diet.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016
Ritva Martti Timonen: ESSI

Hi Gary,

We wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Also we want to thank you for taking good care of our dog Essi during our holiday trip.

Dogs have lovely playing area and own place to rest and sleep.

We are very delighted to find a such place also for our future holidays.

Best regars,

Ritva & Martti Timonen and Essi

Thanks and same to all of you too...

Fotos to follow

Friday, 23 December 2016
Barbara stuart: Jasper

Gary has just brought Jasper home after a week at the kennels, highly delighted with the way Jasper was cared for, and the updates and photos really put our mind at rest. 

   Will not hesitate to use again and would highly recommend digs4dogs

     Thanks once more Gary

   Jasper Dec 2016 1 Jasper Dec 2016 2      Jasper Dec 2016 3

 Many thanks, Jasper was going to be a challenge as only has 3 legs but he really did well and as only one small step to go anywhere he coped really well .....So glad he got home before the rain started again even though we had special carpet for him. 

Thursday, 15 December 2016
Helen a Ron: Mia Freddy a now Tilly

We are looking forward to seeing Gary in the new year as we always leave our dogs with him when we are away , last year was a bit tramatic as one of our dogs Slinky a dachshund  age 13 was very sick a Gary took him all the way to our own vets and went to see him several times but in the end as he could not contact and  us with the vets advise  they had to put him to sleep which we were very sad to find out but we were glad Gary didn't let him suffer.Gary always cares about the dogs he's in charge of and we feel content in leaving them with him. Helen a Ron 


Thanks,  it was very difficult time,  RIP Slinky Sausage.....

Monday, 28 November 2016
Anne Bluett: Poppy

I would like to thank Gary for looking after Poppy for two weeks whilst we were on holiday. It is so good to go away and not have to worry as you know she is in good hands. Poppy had a really good time and Gary looked after her so well. That is the first time I'd left her for so long and I really appreciated the texts and photo Gary sent us while we were away. It really put my mind at rest to see her enjoying herself. I would recommend Digs4Dogs to everyone. Thank You Gary.

Poppy Nov 2016 1 

My pleasure ...

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Colin Edwards: Coke & Rocky

I had never heard of D4D until I had trouble boarding my boys (Coke & Rocky) a friend told me about the facility. After a look around was very impressed with the kennels and Gary's talk on the way the dogs are looked after.

When I went to collect my boys after seventeen days they were really happy and it took a moment for them to realise I had come to collect them. They were fit and healthy and was surprised how they got on with Gary as they usually do not take to strangers easily.

Would I send my boys there again most definitely after seeing how they were when I picked them up erased all doubts I had.

Gary a big thank you.

PS Coke & Rocky thank you as well.

Rocky n Coke Nov 2016   Rocky n Coke Nov 2016 1   Rocky n Coke Nov 2016 3

 A pleasure I enjoyed them too......

Sunday, 13 November 2016
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