We have two rescue dogs, Milly and Oliver. Milly is extremely nervous of strangers and other dogs. It has taken us a while to source kennels which we considered to be appropriate for her and that we would be happy to leave her in.

Gary obviously loves dogs and listens to any concerns that the owners may have. Milly actually allows herself to be petted which is something she does not let many people do.

The kennels themselves are extremely clean and the exercise yard is perfect.

In all we would certainly recommend Digs 4 Dogs to anyone.

Kind regards

Jean and Paul

Milly & Oliver enjoying their stay at Digs4Dogs

Great news, for all dog owners.

I believe in giving credit where it's due and this certainly applies to a new venture called "Digs 4 Dogs".

My wife and I were most concerned when looking for a suitable place to leave our Spaniel for a week bearing in mind that he was an eleven year old rescued dog.

We planned to go back to the UK for a short break, our vet recommended a new venue just outside Dolores, so we had a look and decided to give it a try.

Charlie the dog stayed there for one week and apparently had a great time, my only complaint that he didn't want to leave.

He was well looked after in new custom built tiled kennels, and was returned fit and well.

From now on, we will be using "Digs 4 Dogs" whenever we need a break.

It's great to know our dog will be professionally looked after and cared for by people who genuinely love dogs.

As I say give credit where it's due. This is a message to all those dog owners here who had the same doubts and concerns as we had.

My wife and I have no vested interest in these facilities, but strongly felt they should be supported and praised.

We have included the phone numbers for readers convenience. Check them out.

Gary on 670469544.

Happy and worry free holidays.

Avis and Nev Johnson.

This letter was sent to, and published in, a number of newspapers


I would recommend "Digs 4 Dogs" to anyone. We will certainly use them again.

We have 2 chihuahuas ( our babies ) and needed to find a home from home for them while we were away for the Christmas break. I set about looking in newspapers and on the internet, I came across several kennels in the area but non that I would consider putting my dags in. Then I came across "Digs 4 Dogs". It was a bit out of our way but the photos and testimonials looked interesting.

We took a run up and visited the kennels prior to our holiday. Gary and Jan met us at the gates, they were so welcoming and friendly. You could see they genuinley loved dogs.we took a look around and were pleased what we saw - clean, warm, well looked after kennels.

While we were away the dogs were well looked after... given lots of love and attention. Gary even e mailed me some photos of the pups enjoying their hols. This really put our minds at rest and when we returned ,the dogs looked in good condition - well fed and cared for.

I would recommend "Digs 4 Dogs" to anyone. We will certainly use them again.

Many thanks Gary & Jan, Michelle, Brian & Bec (oh... and Peanut and Cookie too!!)

Peanut and Cookie

I would now take my dog to Digs4Dogs without hesitation.

I reluctantly booked my Golden Retriever (Max) into kennels over the Christmas and New Year period. Having never put my 8 year old boy into kennels, I was very worried about how he would react. Digs4Dogs was recommended to me and after a telephone call we took Max over to meet Gary (from Digs4Dogs). I was very impressed with the obvious care given both to his own dogs and the dogs already being kenelled.

During his stay I called (many times!) to check on Max and Gary told me all about how he was getting on, how he was eating etc. As soon as we returned to Spain we went to pick our 'boy' up. He was so pleased to see us, and he looked really well - no weight loss or anything to worry us.

I would now take my dog (and recommend friends) to Dogs4Digs without hesitation.

Gloria Ayres

Max having a great holiday


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