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Xmas Bookings @ Digs 4 Dogs for 2019 / 20 


The content below applies every year


Xmas is, as you might imagine, our busiest time of the year when space is at a premium.

We, like other establishments, have to impose some conditions over the Xmas period.

One thing you need to consider is where will your dogs be happiest (regardless of cost) 

most Kennels accept 30 dogs or more at Xmas because the Mix and multi book...

WE DO NOT. your Dog/s have their own kennel, their own time out in the garden,

They eat their own food, everything that keeps them stable and as constant as if at home.

Imagine here we only have around 15 to 20 dogs, MAX, so they all get lots time out to play.

You might pay a bit less elsewhere but if there are 35 to 50 or more dogs ...how much time or attention does your dog really get?  probably very little....here they all get lots as we are smaller we are more efficient and only interested in your dogs being 100% OK.

We therefore have the minimum 250€ fee for any one of our rear kennels over a minimum 10 days regardless whether you use all the days or not, for up to 2 dogs sharing, above 10 days is at your dog/s normal rates per day.

The Penthouse and Penthouse+  are 300€ minimum for first 10 days over Xmas / New years.

Rates for more than 2 dogs in any Kennel by negotiation, please come to see us or call 966190674.

 Clients who have been regular to our establishment will know to call us early to get first choice of the preferred area for their dog/s so don’t delay book early and reserve a place for your dog now.

If you wish to book in your dog a deposit of 80€ is required to reserve the area you require,
this is always non refundable if you cancel.

(the required deposit was increased from Jan 2011 to prevent hoax bookings which we suffered in 2010, a big sorry to those of you who are genuine but it does not affect the overall cost of your dogs stay here). 

Xmas and New Year, every year, starts on the 17th December and from this date onwards, 10 days is the minimum PAYING period whether you use us for every one of the 10 days is up to you, more than 10 days is not a problem of course, and bookings exceeding 10 Days and or 8th January all rates revert to charges at normal rates.

However we are flexible so by moving dates you can maximize your dogs stay and cut the cost too

For Example you can book from say : 21st Dec to 30th Dec  or  24th to 2nd Jan  or  30th Dec to 8th Jan its still 10 days but might suit your plans better.


Xmas and New Years are special times of the year for all our dogs as well as us, our aim is to give your dog/s as comfortable time as possible while you are away enjoying the festive celebrations.

Email updates and photos of your dog/s stay are sent to those who want them but generally to everyone regardless so your fully informed about your dogs happiness whilst your away.


Every year I produce a Spontaneous Video of all the dogs who are resident, Clients get so see the Video (normally done on Boxing Day) sent by email but this is published on my site after the 12th January,  to see previous years click here xmas video  take a look at the last few years to see how happy the dogs who stayed here were, remember this is not prepared or edited which is why

I can truthfully say "what I say is what you get". 


Please call to discuss your individual requirements

at any time during the year.

Call us NOW (0034)  670469544

or 966190674

Email us :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Xmas : I am only closed to the public visiting from 7pm evening on 23rd Dec till midday on 27th Dec unless by very special arrangement.

New Year : I am only closed to the public visiting from 7pm evening on the 30th Dec till midday on the 2nd Jan unless by very special arrangement.


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